Counting On Us

Counting On Us

Counting On UsCounting On Us have establish a very effective vertical niche market business offering service in data collection. For some time the margins in this business were very attractive and word of mouth was sufficient to ensure new business and continuing revenue streams. As it is with businesses that find themselves in this fortunate position there is a natural tendency for more players to come  into the market.

A number of these sought to establish position in the market place, prominence and professionalism through the use of web marketing. It was important for Counting on us to confirm their place in the market by ensuring that they had a professional presence on the web, to attract new areas of the market and to establish and maintain credibility with ongoing clients.

One of the great challenges for vertical market businesses is that the customer list is likely to be quite small and reasonably easy for new entrants to the market to identify.

The website, together with embracing new technologies has helped Counting On Us to stay ahead of the pack.

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