BackupI have been reminded recently when one of my dear clients backup up ABM and stored the backup on a flash drive, which for a number of reason was lost. Sadly the PC also suffered a major hard drive event. In the event of any small business this represents a crisis.

One solution is to make use of cloud services such as Google Drive or DropBox.

You need the account set up on the computer running ABM and there will be a local folder set up for the cloud service. Inside this folder set up a folder called ABMBackups. In the scheduled tasks in ABM set up a schedule for the backup of the data, probably daily after work. Set the destination folder for the backup as the ABM Backups folder set up before.

When the task runs the backup will be saved to the local folder and then synced to the cloud service. The scheduled task will also create a zip folder of the backup to the local drive that will also be synced up. So now you have four copies of the backup, two offsite.

On your PC at home set up the service (Dropbox or GoogleDrive) and sync the folder as well. How you have six copies of you backup, 4 offsite.

On a regular basis rename the latest zip file by adding the date to the name of the file. The renamed file will not be overwritten so you will have a history of backups if you need to track back.

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Advanced Business Manager


ABMAdvanced Business Manager is a fully integrated mid-range accounting and business management system to help you take your business to the next level.

Built of the robust and reliable MS SQL database engine it represents state of the art development, comprehensive management reporting and a significant group of industry based extension pieces. Additional reporting is possible using Crystal Reports.

The Core Modules include Ledger, Customers and Suppliers, Cash Book, and either Products or Job Costing. You can certainly have both, the other will simply be an add on module,

Other modules available include Import Costing, Structured Stock, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Service, Branch Management.

I would be pleased to come and discuss your need with you directly.

ore information can be found on the ABM website


Crystal Reports


CrystalWhen Advanced Business Manager (ABM) is installed on a computer a run-time of the crystal reports engine is also installed. This allows ABM to run the crystal engine to generate reports. ABM comes with over 100 report files that cover a range of the expected things that people will want to report on in the general run of business. This is indeed really good.

One thing we have learned is that not all businesses are the same. Many businesses have quirks and kinks in the process and often we will add a custom field to use this particular data as it needs to in the flow of their business process. Sometimes there is enough flexibility in the standard reports to pick this up, however usually you will need to have a custom report written for the business purpose. Of course it may not even be a custom field it may just be something about the way the business uses the system to manage its business process.

Custom Reports can be written in Crystal for ABM and they can be included in the reporting menu and run from the system just like any of the standard reports. This will normally involve a few hours work to develop the report, test and implement it.

This is work I enjoy and I have a level of expertise, so if you would like a report written (or a quote for a report to be written) please map out what data you want on the report, and the criteria you want to specify to get the report to run. If it is something like a standard report with some modifications (many custom reports are) then let me know this as well. Anns then we can take it from there.